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** All sales items lost to the Camp fire in November 2018. **

Sales permission granted by December 4th, 2016 by areica96. All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell and ban anyone who does not follow the rules.

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mightyena_mad_7/ .
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Please state clearly if asking for a quote or committed.
Pay day holds will go until the Monday or Friday of that week. All holds will end after 24 hours without a committed buyer or further communication. The next buyer will have priority. Items come from a smoke free home with one cat. They are stored in a plastic bin until shipping. Tell me if you have any allergies, I may be able to wash the item or use other methods to help you! :)

Prices and Payment

I accept PayPal.
All prices are in USD and do not include PayPal fees or shipping.
Committed buyers must send payment within 24 hours with their U.S. zipcode or country location and zipcode.
You are required to leave your username and items in the notes section of PayPal.


I ship from California, USA within the United States. I work part-time and ship within one week using USPS. I am not responsible for lost packages, however I will do everything I can to resolve the situation. I will ship your items after PayPal receives the payment. Tracking numbers will be sent by private message for privacy when I have been given the tracking number.

International shipping available: Letter envelope $13.25. Package / Bubble mailer: $24.

Shipping Prices

Bubble Mailers: First Class $4, 2 Day Priority $6.
USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Small: $6.80, Medium: $13.45, Large: $18.75.
Packaging Materials and Supplies: see below

From my own collecting I have enough bubble wrap for a human suit during the end of the world. If you can’t have fun during the apocalypse you can’t have fun at all! On request: Japanese newspaper from boxes I have ordered using deputy service websites. If you have any concerns, I can post a photo of the box I will use to ship your items. Please see estimated prices for bubble mailers and new boxes listed below.

Cushioned Paper Mailers: $1.20
Bubble Mailers: Small: $1.49, Medium: $1.59, Large $1.79.

Brand new boxes: Small: $6.80, Medium: $13.49, Large: $18.75.

Current mailers size information

Bubble Mailer: 152 mm x 234 mm. Usable inside dimension: 6 inches by 9.25 inches.
Cushion Mailer: 6 inches by 10 inches. Usable inside dimension: 5 and 3.4 inches by 8 and 3.4 inches.

Buyer Agreement

Do not edit your sales comments. Please reply to your original post. This will keep things clear for everyone. You, the buyer, must have read all terms and conditions above.

This is a 100% search friendly post. Command + F and Search On!

Beldum and Metagross stickers $2, extra Beldum $2, Combusken, Pikachu, Squirtle, back side Marshtomp and Corphish retsuden bag free,
Alola Ninetales TCG wrapper free, Tailow Japanese TCG $2, small Metagross $1, small mega Metagross $1, Pikachu Hoopa charm mint in package $2,

Large Combusken card $2, Rockruff basic TCG mint $3, Electrode TCG $2,

Also Beldum line playing cards, all for $4
Metagross and Mega orange battle chip $2

New picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click for bigger picture

Pokedex battle stickers
Turtonator x2 $2, Komala x2 $1, Ditto free, Cosmog $1, Cosmoem $1, Solgaleo $3, Popplio line all three $5, individual $2,

Corocoro magazine stickers - U.S. penny size
Rotomdex $2 Oricoro red $1, Alolan Meowth $2, Drampa $2, Sand shovel dude $1, Alola Rattata $2, Alola Ratticate $2, Komala $2, Stufful $3, Bewear $2, Pikipek $1, Mimikyu $3

Yungoos marimiya sticker $2, Giratina sticker $2, Magmar, Ponyta, Camerupt card $2, all others $1. Silvally TCG wrapper free.

IMG_6133 (1).jpg
IMG_6132 (1).jpg

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu $2,
Mega Blaziken and Great Ball $2,

Pokemon Lamincards
French and English versions

Click or open in a new tab to see the scanned image better.)

Raichu $3, Shuppet $3, Wailord $3, Marill (scuffs and scratches) $1, Nosepass $2,
Wurmple $2, Skitty $3, Vibrava $2, Grumpig $3, Sablyeye $3,

Pokemon Advanced Challenge Topps cards




All $3
Barboach, Luvdisc, Lotad, Corphish, Pelipper, Gorebyss,


Skitty $3
Plusle, Nuzleaf, Slakoth, Trapinch $2, Exploud,


All $3
Beautifly, Volbeat, Ralts, Makuhita, Kirlia, Hariyama,

All $2: Sableye, Glalie, Lileep,
Zigzagoon $4, $3!


Holo Cradily $4, Cradily $2


Pokemon Character Cards. Kabutops has left top and bottom edge crease. Other cards have light edge wear.

Zubat $2, Kabutops $3, Squirtle $3, Tyranitar $3, Psyduck $3.

Pokemon Meiji candy - EXPIRED

All $1!

First row: Celebi, Raikou (brown) Raikou (red), Entei

Second row: Yanmega, Gible, Zorua, Mamoswine,
Third row: Cyndaquil (wrapped), Pikachu, Ninjask, Scizor,
Cyndaquil flattened,

Pokemon Maple Stick candy - Alola Raichu, yum!

Tin for photo only. Ordered from Pokevault.

7 maple sticks for sale and 3 empty wrappers (the other two didn't make the scheduled photoshoot.)

Maple candy Alola Raichu $4 each. Wrappers $1.

Boxes sale! All $2.

Two Alola kid figure boxes and one Flareon figure box. Will be flattened for shipping or not on request.

Alola kid figures box front: Tapu Lele, Mimikyu, Bewear, Pyumukku,
Alola kid figures box back: Tapu Lele, Bounsweet, Alola Raichu, Alola Rattata, Yungoos, Pyumukku, Mimikyu, Bewear,


Dusclops Power Keepers TCG box $3! Minor marks at the top from tape.

Mightyena: "Power Keepers rule!"



Cacnea suction cup figue $4.50


Footprint or Pokemon Advanced figures without pegs or bases.

Lileep $2, Speed Deoxys $3, Exploud $3, Grumpig $3, Volbeat $3, Minun $2, one identical Spinda $2, other Spinda $2, Baltoy $3,

Treecko suction cup figure $2, Latias with blue base and insert $6, Umbreon Tomy figure $10, Gold and Silver Chikorita chou get figures with bases and inserts $8 each, Meowth with green base $3, Zygarde clear keychain $4, Buneary soap figure $4, clear Minun $4,

Keshipokes: Rotoms set $15, Chingling $3, Drapion $4,
Keshipoke Pokemon balls x6 free.

Pokemon kids: Zigzagoon $2, winking Eevee $3, Eevee mouth open $3 up for auction, Swampert $3
Data Carrier Figures: Zangoose $5, Pikachu $3 up for auction, Treecko $4, Torchic $4, Jirachi (without stand) $3
Footprint / Pokedex / Advanced Figure without bases: Zigzagoon $4, unknown Torchic with foot forward $3,
Pokemon horoscope / astrology badges: Leo: Shinx and Pikachu $5, Capricorn: Mareep and Pikachu $4, Taurus: Tauros and Pikachu $4, Latias and Entei used figures $1 each

Pokemon Kids

All kids $2! Good to great condition, ask for specifics.

Legendaries $3, others $2,

Free Meowth with shipping, see photo below.


Meowth kid, mysterious purple stain on the inside. Great for a shiny repaint!



Hasbro Armaldo figure $7! Can move his arms by using the knobs on his back. More pictures on request.

Absol Zukan with base
Mint condition
Price: $35

Mightyena normal kid and Mightyena zukan piece for size comparison. Intentionally too white photo of the figure and base to show it is an offical zukan base made by Yujin.

Pogs, Tazos, Waps, Kraks and other flats beyond this point ^_^

TCG plastic coins. Light, reflective, and very difficult to photograph.

IMG_6051 (1).jpg

Mega Rayquayza $2, Treecko $2,


Shaymin and Jirachi are muti-colored, same with Tyranitar.

Cranidos $2,
Shieldon silver $2, gold $2,
Piplup, Turtwig and Chimchar $2.50,
Jirachi and Shaymin $3, Tyranitar $2

All availabe for trade for Hoenn pokemon TCG coins, Umbreon, Espeon or Alola pokemon.


Trade for any Mightyena pins like these!

Roselia $1, Lileep $1, Tropius $1, Snorunt $1, Skarmory glow in the dark $2,
Wailord $1, Surskit x2 are $1, Kyogre facing down $2, Kyogre facing up $2, Volbeat $0.50, Volbeat using Tail Glow $0.50
Banette x2 are $1, Torchic $2, Ninjask x3 are $1, Nuzleaf arms out,
Alakazam $2, Meditite x2 are $1, Absol $3, Latios $3,

Jirachi $2, Dusclops x3 are $1,
Glows in the dark Ludicolo $2, Kecleon with Pichu, Golem, Claydol x2 are $1,
Barboach x3

Sharpedo, Loudred $1, Glalie $1,
Milotic, Chimecho $2, Skitty blowing bubble $1, Skitty with Pikachu $2,
Nuzleaf $1, Whismur $1, Meowth with bread $1, Baltoy x2 are $1

Slakoth x2 are $1, Slaking x3 are $1,
Corphish $1, Zangoose x2 are $2, Vibrava $1,
Breloom x2 are $1, Luvdisc x3 are $0.50

Listed on eBay in a lot

Kraks (square) and Waps (round)

This photo is a little bit dark because of the iridescent kraks. The camera's flash made it worse. So no flash. x_-

Latios pog, Metagross green glittery krak $3, Spheal orange krak $2,
Glow in the dark purple Marshtomp $3, Kyogre, Groudon, normal Combusken purple wap $3
Glow in the dark orange Treecko $3 and Torchic $3, normal purple Marshtomp $2 and Sceptile orange wap $2,

Glow in the dark blue Shroomish $3, orange Blaziken flat $3, Swablu orange krak $2,
Glow in the dark green Azurill $3, orange Metagross and Mega Metagross flat $2.50

These are two-sided metal tazos that have brilliant color and images. If the Pokemon evolves twice it has two tazos for the complete line. Example: one tazo shows Mudkip and Marshtomp, and the second shows Marshtomp and Swampert. Check out the front and back photos to see both sides.

Pokemon Advanced Metal Tazos

All sold! Photos for reference and want lists.

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