pan sticker, Mightyena

WANTED (New or Used)


Poochyena Pokeball Phone Charm light up strap

Last seen: PkmnCollectors, ?
Hiding Grounds: ?


PokeBox Charms
Just need PokeBox name keychain!

Last seen on the run: April 29th, 2016.
Hiding Grounds: eBay,
Portrait Permission: Deputy riolu


Poochyena minibee

"Pokemon Minisub AG." or "Pokemon AG minisby-poochyena and mightyena."

Original text: ポケモンAG ミニスビー● ポチエナ グラエナ

Last seen on the run: August 28th, 2016.
Hiding Grounds: Yahoo! Japan, ?

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Poochyena Chinese pog

Last Seen: Poland, Europe.
Identifying Information: Pink handprint. No. 006.

Portrait Permission: kubek

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Also wanted for collecting justice:

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Spinning figure with blue base / battle revolution figure
Metal figures


V-chip trainer figure
pan sticker, Mightyena

Camp Fire - I don't even know - title

Update 10/15/18. One week after CampFire started.

House in confirmed gone. Round two of errands for meds and now house stuff. Temporary address is my sister's house with loving 7 year old Golden Retriever and 14 week old squirmy wurmy Lab puppy. And our cat. And my nieces. Tons of support from family and friends. Missing family treasures and getting copies of treasured photos. Did grab my phone, iPad, laptop and new Mac desktop plus cords. Will be eventually asking the community's help tracking down some harder to find merch items. We are going to rebuild and it's going to be hard.


Hello all, I know this is more relevant for Free for all Friday but affects comm sales a little so making a post here.

Thursday morning, November 8th, 8:30am my mom and our cat had to leave our town due to a major fire. We are safe in Sacramento. Our house is on the edge of Butte Creek Canyon near Magalia. I saw fresh smoke coming up and then some flames below. Praying for our house and firefighters. Have some defensive space but not much. This fire is unique in that the fierce Jarbo Gap winds blew high and fast, carrying embers on the wind. 80-90 percent of residential in town is gone and most commercial buildings.

For the people who have bought settei pages from me, I have your pages and the next lot. Put them in with my Mac desktop box. I would like people I’ve bought from to know mail is being held nearby in Chico. I am giving out my sister’s house address. Any packages in the mail will be held at nearby town’s post office centers. Please PM me if needed and will reply soon.

SF Chronicle fire tracker is the most updated, Action News Now website is good and their Cal Fire map has specific information. Right click on the fire icon to get the fire info page on road closures and other data.
pan sticker, Mightyena

All sales post - Shipping U.S. and International

** All sales items lost to the Camp fire in November 2018. **

Sales permission granted by December 4th, 2016 by areica96. All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell and ban anyone who does not follow the rules.

My feedback: .
Pkmncollectors runs on feedback! Leave it for me and I’ll leave it for you in return.

Currently Open:
Payment Plans

Currently Closed:

Art Trades
Items and Holds

Please state clearly if asking for a quote or committed.
Pay day holds will go until the Monday or Friday of that week. All holds will end after 24 hours without a committed buyer or further communication. The next buyer will have priority. Items come from a smoke free home with one cat. They are stored in a plastic bin until shipping. Tell me if you have any allergies, I may be able to wash the item or use other methods to help you! :)

Prices and Payment

I accept PayPal.
All prices are in USD and do not include PayPal fees or shipping.
Committed buyers must send payment within 24 hours with their U.S. zipcode or country location and zipcode.
You are required to leave your username and items in the notes section of PayPal.


I ship from California, USA within the United States. I work part-time and ship within one week using USPS. I am not responsible for lost packages, however I will do everything I can to resolve the situation. I will ship your items after PayPal receives the payment. Tracking numbers will be sent by private message for privacy when I have been given the tracking number.

International shipping available: Letter envelope $13.25. Package / Bubble mailer: $24.

Shipping Prices

Bubble Mailers: First Class $4, 2 Day Priority $6.
USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Small: $6.80, Medium: $13.45, Large: $18.75.
Packaging Materials and Supplies: see below

From my own collecting I have enough bubble wrap for a human suit during the end of the world. If you can’t have fun during the apocalypse you can’t have fun at all! On request: Japanese newspaper from boxes I have ordered using deputy service websites. If you have any concerns, I can post a photo of the box I will use to ship your items. Please see estimated prices for bubble mailers and new boxes listed below.

Cushioned Paper Mailers: $1.20
Bubble Mailers: Small: $1.49, Medium: $1.59, Large $1.79.

Brand new boxes: Small: $6.80, Medium: $13.49, Large: $18.75.

Current mailers size information

Bubble Mailer: 152 mm x 234 mm. Usable inside dimension: 6 inches by 9.25 inches.
Cushion Mailer: 6 inches by 10 inches. Usable inside dimension: 5 and 3.4 inches by 8 and 3.4 inches.

Buyer Agreement

Do not edit your sales comments. Please reply to your original post. This will keep things clear for everyone. You, the buyer, must have read all terms and conditions above.

This is a 100% search friendly post. Command + F and Search On!

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Pogs, Tazos, Waps, Kraks and other flats beyond this point ^_^

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pan sticker, Mightyena

Poochyena and Mightyena anniversary collection post Part 2

Part 2, The Figures, Plush and Everything Else

A odd post as the flash drive with some of the photos taken for this collection update decided to become a time machine capsule and disappear... It should show up again sometime in the future in my room or the house.

There's been so many individual photos because after this I'll be creating a website! :) What you're seeing in this post is only one third of the photos that got taken during the shoot. The website plans are for every figure to have photos from the front, back, top and bottom. The same for flats and other differently shaped things. All with little text boxes of information like year, company that made it and history. My collection has grown more than I ever would have dreamed when I started collecting two years ago and it's all thanks to this community. Go Pokemon!

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Anniversary update complete! Until next time... 

Poochyena and Mightyena anniversary collection post Part 1

Part 1, The Flats: large and small, wide and tall, cubes and keychains.

Black rubber wheel pogs, round triangle waps on top and square kraks on the bottom. I'm happy to have completed the orange and dark brown / red sets! Always looking for other colors too. The second blue Mightyena is sparkly.

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Finally, the 2012 PokeBox clearfile! Poochy wants to play with Growlithe and Mightyena is not letting Umbreon sleep. Yes, the reverse side is all the Eveelutions... Shh! This post celebrates the Poke canines.

Thanks to everyone that helped me add to the collection and made it to the end. Special thanks to all the sellers I bought from and HelloSkitty for most of the pages.

The journey continues with plush and figures next.


Re: PokeBox Mightyena strap sale from Elcardenal12

Hey elcardenal12

I see your name is crossed out which means your journal is suspended. This happened to me and several members on Pkmncollectors during this year's Spring Secret Swap. For me it was adding a lot of links on my wants page, it happened to others for other reasons. I sent LJ support a message and they responded within 8 hours. I hope you get a speedy response too! :)

Trades Page

Metal tags ahoy!

Click on photos for larger images. Had to rotate which made preview size smaller.

Top row: Special Edition 2012.
Middle: Walrein tag is metal.
Last Row: Double sided tags.

berry, grin

Mega Mighty gets! + others, collection update

2016 was a spectacular year for rare Mightys, both figures and flats! Long overdue gets post and collection update for Secret Spring Swap.

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All together now! Poochyena mighty bean, Gold Mightyena metal figure, clear Poochyena kid figure, Mightyena Battle Revolution figure, Mightyena pencil top with Pecha berry, Mightyena Hasbro figure and Poochyena Hasbro figure.

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Note: First time using links from Imgur for photos. Looked like medium thumbnail size was the best. Please let me know if anything is bad, too big or just not there.